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Together with Chevron Phillips Chemicals International NV as the world’s largest manufacturer of alpha olefins, we are your partner for AlphaPlus® NAOs.


In the petrochemical industry, “olefins” is a particularly used generic term and stands for all acyclic and cyclic hydrocarbons with one or more carbon-carbon double bonds. This does not include aromatic compounds. All alkenes, cycloalkenes and polyenes are considered olefins. AlphaPlus® Normal Alpha Olefins (NOA) have a high purity and an extensive quality range (C4 to C30+).


AlphaPlus® NAOs with highly accessible terminal double bonds are ideal materials for the manufacture of numerous products. Alpha-olefins and their derivatives are used extensively as polyethylene comonomers, plasticizers, synthetic motor oils, lubricants, automotive additives, surfactants, paper products and in a wide range of specialty applications. As important petrochemical building blocks, the possible uses in developing new chemical products are practically unlimited.

NameCAS-NumberSpecification SDS
AlphaPlus® 1-Hexene ( C6 )592-41-6
AlphaPlus® 1-Octene ( C8 )111-66-0
AlphaPlus® 1-Decene ( C10 )872-05-9
AlphaPlus® 1-Dodecene ( C12 )112-41-4
AlphaPlus® 1-Tetradecene ( C 14 )1120-36-1
AlphaPlus® 1-Hexadecene ( C16 )629-73-2
AlphaPlus® 1-Octadecene ( C18 )112-88-9
AlphaPlus® C20-2493924-10-8
AlphaPlus® C24-2893924-11-9
AlphaPlus® C26-2818835-33-1 / 18835-34-2
AlphaPlus® C30+131459-42-2
AlphaPlus® 30+HA260255-62-7

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