Product groupAlcohols
Chemical nameisotridecanol


Isotridecanol is an organic-chemical compound from the group of alcohols. Under normal conditions, isotridecanol is a colorless, weakly smelling liquid that is insoluble in water. The highly pure C13 alcohol is an important intermediate product in the production of surface-active substances, so-called surfactants. The term iso refers to the methyl group, the one on the penultimate carbon atom and on the end opposite the -OH group the C12 carbon chain is branched. The correct systematic name is therefore 11-methyl-1-dodecanol. The product is seen as a real petrochemical specialty, and with almost 100% C13 alcohols, we put it on the market as a particularly high quality product.


Isotrideconal is used, among other things, as an intermediate for the production of surfactants and plasticizers. The product is often used in high-quality industrial applications, e.g. in the production of cleaning agents and lubricants. Another application of ITDA is in the form of special esters in high-quality lacquers and lacquer resins. In addition, Isotridecanol may also be used in the EU as a fragrance in cosmetic articles and preparations, using the INCI name of the same name.

Product table

Product groupSolvents
Product subgroupAlcohols
Chemical nameIsotridecanol

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