Product groupPyrogenic silicas
Chemical namePyrogenic silica


Orisil is a high-surface area pyrogenic silica. It is a light, fluffy powder of white color. Orisil is produced by flame-based process as a result of chemical reaction between hydrogen, oxygen and chlorosilanes.


Fumed silica can be used in a wide range of applications. They are frequently used as anti-blocking and coating agents. Furthermore, they are also used in large parts in the field of paints and varnishes. Otherwise, they also serve sometimes as reinforcing agents as well as carriers.

NameCAS-NumberSpecification SDS
Orisil SF 12567762-90-7
Orisil 1507631-86-9
Orisil 2007631-86-9
Orisil 3007631-86-9
Orisil 3807631-86-9
Orisil M 13068611-44-9
Orisil M 20068611-44-9
Orisil 200 D7631-86-9
Orisil 300 D7631-86-9

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