The framework for our everyday life

Principles and values have a great influence on relationships. For successful long-term relationships, it is essential to know and understand these and to take them into account when working together. Therefore, we are a reliable and competent partner for our suppliers and customers and an attractive and secure employer for our employees.

Our responsibility


Reliable and commercially honest - that's what Möller Chemie stands for. We have been true to this philosophy for over 100 years. Leading institutions and partners regularly certify us according to various standards and confirm the safe handling of chemicals. As a responsible chemical company, we take this requirement seriously. All our products are REACH-registered and AEO-certified for all export activities.

When dealing with hazardous substances, we adhere to Responsible Care, a voluntary initiative of the chemical industry. This initiative goes far beyond legal obligations.

We pursue sustainable development based on ethics and morals and ensure that social and environmental principles are observed and lead to responsible action. We stand for long-term cooperation and attach great importance to open and honest dialogue.


We regularly assess the opportunities and risks of our company with the help of a risk management system. Internal control systems bring additional transparency. In this way, we recognise opportunities and risks at an early stage and can react appropriately. This means that, even in times of globalisation and rapid change, you have a reliable and stable partner at your side, stable partner at your side.

environmental protection

The chemical industry has a special responsibility to protect the environment. We are aware of this task. That is why we are continuously working on to be able to offer more environmentally friendly products. Climate protection is an unavoidable aspect that is taken into account in everyday decisions in order to actively contribute to political climate protection goals.

You as a customer also benefit from the ecologically and economically efficient use of resources: The measures relieve the environment and at the same time reduce the costs for materials, energy, emissions and disposal, emissions and disposal.


Our values

Our values express the attitude with which we shape our daily actions and personal interaction. They form the foundation of our corporate culture. They give us orientation and at the same time serve the company management and our employees as self-evident guiding values, which we also expect from our business partners.

Our corporate culture is characterised by integrity, trust, team spirit, performance and appreciation.


Since the company was founded, compliance with the law and duty as well as a credible attitude have of course been a matter or us.


Trust is part of the basis for our actions and a basic requirement for our success. We create trust through reliable and sustainable action, both internally and externally.

Team spirit

Together we are stronger. With the help of many hands and heads, we create great things to satisfy the customer. Even if the individual customer does not notice it, it depends on the interaction of everyone.


We grow with our tasks. We move into the future with courage and a spirit of innovation. We encourage and strengthen our employees and thus deliver a performance that brings with it a high demand for quality.


Our actions are characterized by a high level of social responsibility and guarantees a respectful treatment full of appreciation. We achieve our goals together with the individuality of each person.